Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October on WSOAPP Market Street Shoppes

October in Michigan means a nip in the air and some frosty nights. I have created some sweet little snowmen to help warm your hearts. I think they turned out really well and they sure have brought some smiles around our house. Please pop on into the WSOAPP Market Street to view all of the wonderful offerings.


kornkribprimitives said...

I just adore your snowmen creations. They bring a smile to my face. You are so talented and have so much creativity in your wonderful designs. I bookmarked your blog so I can read more and see more of your awesome creations!
God bless you! Linda :)

pywackit said...

Thanks so much Linda. You are very sweet to take the time to tell me. I will have more snow folks later this week so keep watching.


Nancy said...

Hi Cindy...Oh, these are so wonderful! You just have such creative ideas...Love them!

I grew up right across the river from Detroit and have cousins in Michigan...I am heading your way in a week! Love the fall and the trees there.

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

pywackit said...

Thanks so much Nancy. We are just starting to get some good color here so it should be a pretty autumn visit for you.